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To apply for the Ambassador Scholarship to Herräng or any of the other scholarship programs, please take the first step and fill out the Initial Data Form.

SNAPSHOTS  Herräng Ambassadors 2016 

Background of the Program

Frankie Manning accomplished much in his long and rich life. But he did not feel his personal mission was completed until people were dancing the Lindy hop all around the world. Frankie is gone, but the popularity of the dance continues to grow. To encourage this continued growth, and fulfill Frankie’s dream, the Frankie Manning Foundation has established a scholarship fund to develop new ambassadors of Lindy hop who will bring the dance to new populations.

Although the Lindy hop originated in Harlem, there is not a large participation of African American dancers in the international Lindy hop scene. There is very little Lindy hop dancing in predominantly African-American communities. The Foundation would like to support the growth and development of dancers and teachers who have good roots in those communities and can help nurture an interest in Lindy hop.

Who Should Apply?

The successful candidate will demonstrate great desire, natural ability and leadership qualities but may not have access to learning resources or the financial means to pursue and develop their dancing to its full potential.

Specifically, recipients will come from one of the following groups:

  • Predominantly African-American communities throughout the USA
  • New geographical areas outside the USA where Lindy hop is in a very early stage of adoption and development.
  • Youngsters who have participated in our youth programs

Scholarships include round-trip transportation, basic room and board, full classroom and activity participation in the dance camp. For camps located in the USA, the transportation provided is from within the USA. Please go to each camp’s website to learn more about what is offered: 

Herräng Dance Camp  LindyFest   Beantown Camp   ILHC   Swing Out New Hampshire

 Successful candidates are remarkable Lindy hoppers who:

  • are passionate and driven
  • demonstrate an unwavering desire for excellence; to learn and grow
  • exhibit outstanding leadership abilities within the community with a special focus on outreach to newcomers to the Lindy hop community
  • are driven to perpetuate Lindy hop by spreading their own knowledge and inspiring others with their passion
  • are dedicated to the historic authenticity of Lindy hop dancing and music
  • value the close relationship between the music and the dance
  • believe in maintaining a true community among dancers based on mutual respect and a cooperative spirit

Candidates should possess many of the characteristics that Frankie Manning himself embodied:

  • dedication; to the preservation and perpetuation of the lindy hop
  • passion; demonstrate an intense desire to learn and grow
  • humility; like Frankie, persons who exhibit altruism and focus on the perpetuation of the dance
  • inclusivity; respect for Lindy hoppers of all diverse backgrounds: geographic, ethnic, socio-economic, age, ability, etc.
  • leadership; the ability to inspire others


To apply for the Ambassador Scholarship to Herräng or any of the other scholarship programs, please take the first step and fill out the Initial Data Form. Once the form is completed, applicants will receive instructions for completing the personal statement, recommendations and videos.



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